** Send cards out a month prior to your Child's Birthday to get the best and quickest response from your recipients.

** The card protectors are a great way to keep your child's cards safe and protected through the years.

** Use your Children's Box as a "Baby Book in a Box". Save all your child's fun memorabila in the Box!

** Don't forget to get notes from the people who take care of your children. Babysitters, Nannies, Teachers, and Coaches!


**Use it as a Wedding Guest Book. Each guest writes a note to the bride and groom and the cards are stored in the special box with a picture from the big day!

** A Letter Writing Box for a young child. Get the event box with personalized cards and envelopes. Add a pen and some stamps and you have a great gift for the young child just learning to write thank you's or letters.

** With the death of a father, the event box was used to collect memories and stories of a Father a young girl won't have the chance to get to know.

** A Personal Journal Box. Store special memories in the box along with letters from yourself on the big and small events that make up your life.

** An Anniversary Box. Each year on your anniversary you both write a love letter to each other. What a great keepsake on the journey of a marriage!

** Advice for a mom-to-be. Collect advice at a baby shower for the new mommy!

** Advice for the Bride-to-be. Collect words of wisdom at a bridal shower for the new bride!

** Collect favorite recipes from friends for the new bride.

** A Father's Day or Mother's Day Box. Each year have your Children write a special note to their Mom or Dad and collect them in the box for an amazing keepsake!