Navy Personalized Children's Box

Navy Personalized Children's Box
Item# NavyPerChildBox
Card Design (below):  Quantity of Cards:  Font (below):  Pick a Basic Phrase or Personalize it:  Personalization Line 1: Personalization Line 2: Name of Child For Letter: Birthdate of Child For Letter: Senders Name For Letter(Mom and/or Dad): Cards addressed and mailed(optional): 

Product Description

This is the Navy Personalized Children's Box. Choose the card design you want from the options below, pick your font and what you want the card to say. We have included some basic statements you can use or you can create your own personalization!

Includes: The Box, 6 Personalized Cards, 6 Mailing Envelopes, 6 Return Envelopes, 6 Personalized Letters, and 9 blank dividers.

**Extra Card sets are $12.00.

**Do you want us to address and mail your cards for you? It's only an extra $5.00 a set...and that includes the postage!


FontsCard 1 "Pink Card with Pink Dot Border"Card 2 "Blue Card with Blue Dot Border"Card 3 "Light Green Card with Green Dot Border"
Card 4 "Pink Card with Green Border"Card 5  "Light Blue Card with Green Border"Card 6  "Light Green Card with Purple Border"Card 7  "Light Green Card with Brown Border"
Card 8 "Brown and Pink Dot Border"Card 9 "Brown and Light Green Dot Border"Card 10 "Pink and Light Green Dot Border"Card 11 "Light Blue and Light Green Dot Border"
Card 12 "Red and Navy Dot Border"Card 13 "Black and Red Dot Border"Card 14 "Pink with Brown Polka Dot Border"Card 15 "Light Blue with Brown Polka Dot Border"
Card 16 "Brown with Pink Polka Dot Border"Card 17 "Brown with Blue Polka Dot Border"Card 18 "Pink with Green Polka Dot Border"Card 19 "Light Green with Pink Polka Dot Border"
Card 20 "Light Green with Blue Polka Dot Border"Card 21 "Light Green with Brown Polka Dot Border"Card 22 "Green with Pink Polka Dot Border"Card 23 " Pink with Black Polka Dot Border"
Card 24 "Black Polka Dots with Green border"Card 25 "Green with Navy Polka Dot Border"Card 26 "Navy with Green Polka Dot Border"Card 27 "Green with Red Polka Dot Border"
Card 28 "Navy with Red Polka Dot Border"Card 29 " Red Polka Dots with Navy Border"Card 30 "Black Polka Dots with Red Border"Card 31 "Red Polka Dots with Black Border"
Card 32 "Black Polka Dots with Yellow Border"Card 33 "Black Polka Dots with Purple Border"Card 34 " Purple with Purple Scallop Border"Card 35 "Pink with Pink Scallop Border"
Card 36 "Blue with Blue Scallop Border"Card 37 "Light Blue with Brown Scallop Border"Card 38 "Light Green with Brown Scallop Border"Card 39 "Pink with Brown Scallop Border"
Card 40 "Light Green with Pink Scallop Border"Card 41 "Pink with Green Scallop Border"Card 42 "Light Green with Blue Border"Card 43 "Navy with Red Scallop Border"
Card 44 "Red with Black Scallop Border"Card 45 "Yellow with Navy Scallop Border"Card 46 "Red with Yellow Border"Card 47 "Navy with Red Border"
Card 48 "Green with Navy Border"Card 49 "Blue with Blue Border"Card 50 "Pink with Pink Border"Card 51 "Pink with Brown Border"
"Basic Navy on Cream Card" "Basic Pink on Cream Card" "Basic Green on Cream Card" "Basic Black on Cream Card"
"Basic Red on Cream Card" "Basic Light Blue on Cream Card"Card 58 "Basic Light Pink on Cream Card"